Valentine’s Day Special : How to Make 10 reasons I Love You Mini Gift for your boyfreind.


Valentines Day is a way to express your love to your better half.Make this valentines day more special by making this little cute gift .This is a small gift that mentions the reasons you love them so much.10 or 50 Reasons you can make as many reasons you want !

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To make this you will require !

Things You Will Need :

DIY Twist and Pop Card (5)

Don’t worry if you do not have Binder Rings you can use ribbon to tie them together instead.

Complete Measurements are listed in the images below .To see how i make the complete gift watch the video below the measurements section.

Measurements : 

  • The 1st one is the dark pink chart paper .

DIY Twist and Pop Card

  • The 2nd one is the pattern paper .

DIY Twist and Pop Card (1)

  • The 3rd one is the light pink sheet on which you will write your reasons.

DIY Twist and Pop Card (2)

Watch the video here : 

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DIY Twist and Pop Card (3)

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